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Real estate is a high-stakes business, whether the property involved is the roof over your head or an investment property. If you are facing a real estate dispute, it is important to seek legal guidance from a skilled and experienced legal team.

The real estate attorneys at Law Offices of Mark Wm. Hofgard, Esq. have more than 30 years of legal experience.

We represent homeowners, investors and business owners in Arizona and Colorado, providing successful legal strategies to protect our clients' rights and interests.

At Law Offices of Mark Wm. Hofgard, Esq., we believe that real estate is always an investment — whether it is your family home or a commercial development. Resolving your dispute in a cost-effective manner is an important part of protecting your investment, and we pride ourselves on achieving the best outcomes for our clients as economically as possible.

Our Real Estate Services

Our real estate litigation practice includes:

  • Purchase/Sale Agreements – Commercial, Residential, Vacant Land, Investment Property
  • For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Support
  • Deeds
  • Quiet Title actions, including clients seeking to remove old liens and judgments, or to clear up title disputes
  • Contract disputes, including disputes arising under purchase and sale agreements
  • Claims involving real estate agents and brokers, appraisers and home inspectors
  • Mineral rights and water rights
  • Zoning and land use law
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Broker-agent disputes
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Environmental due diligence and transactional support
  • Credit, lender and consumer protection and financing disputes
  • Foreclosures and Chapter 11 Creditor Representation
  • Foreclosure defense, loan modifications and excess proceeds recovery
  • Advice and consult regarding sales and exchanges, leases, real estate entity formation, development and subdivision matters, zoning and permitting issues, and tax consequences
  • Contract and document review
  • Advice, consult, review and document preparation related to creditor agreements, reorganizations, bankruptcy, loan modifications and workouts

While the primary area of our practice is litigation, we also provide investors with legal counsel regarding real estate transactions. By providing people with skilled legal guidance at the time of the transaction, we help them avoid costly real estate litigation in the future.

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Please fill out this online form to schedule a real estate consultation with a lawyer at Law Offices of Mark Wm. Hofgard, Esq. We are licensed to practice law in Arizona and Colorado, and our primary offices are located in the Phoenix West Valley and Boulder. To reach us please call 623-327-3719.